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There's the rub (sorry)

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Whiskey Sour

We gotta get rid of all that booze we inherited from the Greglins...

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Goodbye World

The first program you ever wrote was called Hello World

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A Masala is a spice blend.

The two masala curries that you typically find on North Indian menus in the US are Chana Masala and Chicken Tikka Masala (the latter is a classic fake ethnic dish, supposedly invented in Glasgow).

Both curries have a pretty similar flavor profile: onion, garlic, chili and ginger; tomato; garam masala, cumin, and turmeric; amchoor powder or lemon juice.

For the tikka masala, the curry is then pureed and mixed with cream before simmering with browned chicken chunks.

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Dal Makhani

Makhani means butter!

This recipe is adapted from

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A Taxonomy of Kudos

After a concert, we always have a pot luck where we sit around congratulating ourselves on how awesome we were.

After experiencing a number of these, I started to see the patterns in the Kudos, and I'd like to propose we collaborate to build a universal taxonomy of Kudos.

General or Specific Self-congratulation
I/we did a really good job!
A specific aspect of my/our performance turned out great!
Unexpected General or Specific Self-Congratulation
I/someone else expected it would suck, but it ended up being great!

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Spam Musubi

Take something really salty and fatty.

Then fry it.

Then cover it in a salty sauce.

Then sprinkle it with a salty condiment.

Then wrap it in a salty wrapper.


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Teriyaki Sauce

I tried to make it off-the-cuff but it wasn't sweet enough, so I looked up Hiroko Shimbo's version.

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Garam Masala

Garam = Hot. Masala = Spice.

Add to dish at the end of cooking. Add turmeric and fenugreek to push things in a british-style curry powder direction.

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