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Squash Fizz

Say for example you wanted to make squash fritters and then get wasted.

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"Southern Succor" Rub

From Virtual Weber Bullet's "The Reknowned Mister Brown":

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Hibiscus/Jamaica Syrup

From Simply Recipes, but with a little less sugar.

When diluted 1:1 with water, this has ~1/6 the sugar by volume as coke (1.5g/4oz vs. 10g/4oz)

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Corn Tortillas

Not that it's worth writing a recipe for, but I don't do it enough to remeber...

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Tapioca Pudding

"Adapted" from 101 cookbooks, which is to say I tripled the amount of tapioca, added coconut, and put the egg whites back in.

This is a pantry buster - you bought some tapioca for something and now you need to get rid of it. The coconut too - we bought it for carrot cake, but flake is not the best for cake, shredded is better.

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Pumpkin Pie Shot

Here's what you do with your extra pumpkin pie. Reposted from

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Genoa Vodka

Traditionally with Campari, but I always substitute Aperol for Campari always under all circumstances everywhere.

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Smoky Orange

Similar I guess to the "MacArthur" in this suspicious list of whisky cocktails

Cherried brandy is the liquid from brandied cherries, of course!

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Chicken Liver Paté

When we run out of stock and schmaltz we buy a whole chicken.

The breasts and legs are removed and usually frozen for later (sometimes the legs make confit).

The fat and skin is rendered into schmaltz.

The carcass - including wings and gizzard - are made into stock.

The liver and heart, and the meat picked from the boiled carcass become paté. The meat to liver ratio is a little high, so this is a relatively dry and textured pate, but the flavor is wonderful. You could easily double or triple the liver for a more traditional, unctuous, pate.

adapted from:

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Garam Masala

Garam = Hot. Masala = Spice.

Add to dish at the end of cooking. Add turmeric and fenugreek to push things in a british-style curry powder direction.

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