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The standard recipe for quinoa ends up too watery and you have to drain it sometimes. This one is fluffier (but slower)

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Ragu alla Bolognese

I'm not an originalist

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Molasses Cookies

You bought a bottle of molasses 5 or 10 years ago for some recipe (You were making BBQ sauce from scratch maybe? Gingerbread men?). You used 0.5 cups. Here's how to get rid of the rest!

This dough freezes great, so make 8 or 9 batches and don't buy molasses any more!

Adapted from this Saveur recipe.

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A haggis is a sausage with the following special features

  • Contains lamb and lamb offal (heart, lungs, kidneys, tongue, liver, suet)
  • Contains oatmeal
  • Uses a lamb stomach as a casing
  • Is steamed

But people often skip a number of these features and still call the result a haggis. Most often, the stomach is swapped for a normal sausage casing. The most extreme case is a "vegan haggis", which is usually a baked casserole.

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How is it possible that I don't have an okonomiyaki recipe here? Adapted from

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Carrot Cake

recipe courtesy of The Committee

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Cream Cheese Frosting

Recipe courtesy of The Committee

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Fake Gochujang

Real gochujang is made with powdered miso, glutinous rice powder, a specific kind of red pepper powder. This is a fake version made with miso, soy sauce, and any old chile. It's not quite right, especially the color, but it's close!

Adapted from

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