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There's the rub (sorry)

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Onion Jam

Keeps in the fridge for months. Freezes well too. You could probably can it (might need to test/add acid)

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Crema Catalana

Creme Brulee by another name. This version from Cafe Pika Tapas, where I used to cook.

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This Focaccia was used for both sandwiches and pizza crust at Espresso Roma when I cooked there

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This is an average recipe/ratio from chef Google. If you do a really good job of squeezing water from the potatoes, this will seem *really* dry. Let it rest for 15 minutes or so once the batter is all mixed. Once salted, the potatoes will give up some extra starchy liquid that will bring it all together.

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Pickled Carrots

Adapted from a Bon Appetit recipe. Supposedly Morrocan-style, in my mind this a version of Mexican carrot escabeche (although most of the recipes for escabeche call for sauteeing the carrots and aromatics in oil and blanching in the brine before pickling).

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Dal Makhani

Makhani means butter!

This recipe is adapted from

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The Kimchee

A product of my aunt's intense cycle of trial and error. Probably best to sterilize all implements before use.

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Adapted from "Cooking Light"

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