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Pate de Campangne

Meatloaf in the French manner. Informed by the following recipes:

I used ground pork and veal, some turkey sausage, duck breasts, and duck fat for the ground meat base when I did this (basically everything in the freezer plus duck!)

You can line the loaf pan with bacon instead of plastic wrap if you like (I oversalted my first attempt and skipped the bacon)

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Dashi #1

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Sushi rice

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The dressing for sushi rice, or for making pickled ginger

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Dashi #2

Weaker than Dashi #1. And some dishes call for #1 and others #2. I dunno. I usually mix them both together. I can barely figure out the difference between good and bad rice.

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Peanut-Sesame Noodles

You could add some cold shredded chicken too...

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